About Avion Mineology


Avion Mineology LLP is leading manufacturer and exporter of various minerals like Quartz Powder (Silica), Quartz grains, Silica Sand Processed White, Kaolin Clay, etc.

We at Avion Mineology LLP engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Quartz Powder, Kaolin Clay (Raw, Lumps, granules, Powder, Calcined) and proud to serve in many industrial sectors like Various Minerals Products manufactured by us are handled with utmost care and executed by highly skilled professionals coupled with the guidance of experienced top level management and well trained engineers and technicians.

We are dedicated, focused and fast growing company. The company lays emphasis on technology, advanced machinery and strictly follows safety measures. We believe that offering the right quality of Product is only the beginning. By virtue of our focus, core competencies, a committed team of professionals and our perseverance for perfection. We are fully geared to meet the challenges of the future.

Our motto is to work at an accelerated pace towards exceeding the highest standards in quality and client satisfaction, while remaining cost-competitive. Ethical standards at Avion Mineology LLP are of the most stringent nature. Our values and beliefs have allowed us to gather an impressive client list that has become the envy of our competitors.

Managing Director Message

Throughout the extractive industry, sustainability has become an essential component of doing business. Safe, sustainable practices are a requirement, from environmental policies to workplace safety to proactive and inclusive stakeholder engagement. Our commitment to sustainability begins when the first exploration teams take the time and care to consult with communities and establish a spirit of openness, transparency and trust.

Avion Mineology LLP believe that Our reputation is our most treasured asset and the ethics on which we have built our company. Everyone at Avion Mineology LLP knows that the only way to protect and improve our reputation is to exceed the client’s expectations, meet our commitments, innovate in our business and deliver excellence As our slogan says Delivering Flawless Purity.

By understanding, and embracing our clients’ business problems, vision, objectives and goals, we will be able to build stronger and lasting relationships that will yield long term results.

The client will start to look at us as their trusted advisor.

A concept not of our Philosophy & Identity

We fly not to see below. But to see the endless horizons. To look far and wide for the possibilities to make over selves a part for creating a better world. We fly to see a world without boundaries. We are curious, versatile, fast, broad, and joyful.

We are, Avion.

In the context of this philosophy, our identity represents the same quality which is based on symbolic approach.

A graphical fusion of a circle and a butterfly. The circle represents the Earth which stands for broadness. The shape doesn’t have any corners that make it endless. The inner area of the circle illustrates a butterfly, which is perceived as a symbol of happiness, beauty, hard work, purity and perfection. It is so by nature, but strong by will. The color of the logo-symbol consists of blue-green hues representing sky, strength and nature as well.

We chose a fine and rounded typeface for our logo to depict the combination of infinity and perfection.